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SPARKLE! 01-02-08 20:36
wife swap, ha! this is so staged, yet so great! my God this is insane. 2008 huh...i quit.
HOLIDAYS 12-25-07 15:55
a time for ex g/f's, slores, and female friends who wanted to be more than friends get in touch with M.E. or (vice versa) via e-mail, text, phone, etc...gotta love the ones that try to start an actual conversation with me and regale me with their tedious mediocre lives and see how my life is's not the best but yes, alas, it is better than yours.

and seriously if you want to tell me your lifestory of the past year, send a christmas card, put it in the e-mail, or hey, call me when that shit actually happens, but NO i am not going to catch up on months or even a year of not talking to you on Christmas day!

i was a broke asshole before the money, and ill be rich asshole, well i'll be a rich asshole to females. So you can say the money changed me!

Anyways Merry Christmas you filthy animals!
MY DRUNKEN THOUGHTS 12-23-07 02:07
do blind people care about STD's? i mean really, must std's are pretty much just visually unpleasant....i mean from what i hear the discharges, and burning when peeing is why would a blind person care about genital watrs or any other shit or herpes, or whatever...

People who wear the following are stereotyped as douche bags by me:
Ambercombie and bitch
Affliction, hey douche bag wearing this shit does not make you ufc champion and, you are not chuck norris and you cannot simultatneously beat feveyone s ass in the bar,
Ed hardy...rinstones...FUCKING RHINESTONES!!!11 you jackass!
fadora haats...well ive met some cool people wearing those but they are ugly ass pieces of shite!
Skin...bros and bros can all die...

guys with those small ass rats they call fuck athe bitdches that walk aboround with those aboomintiaons but you are a man, what teh fuck...i dont care if its your g/f dog...i couldnt date a bitch that had one of thsoe fucking things.

that is alll...for now. enjoy youe sockas.

What a beautiful world, so fragile and fertile
Pain filled the void when boy met girl
He’s a puppet to nature, one year later
Now so deeply and sickly in love it makes him hate her
The average romanticized American relationship
Sinks, capsized when either side becomes a slave to it
Conditioned, dependent, afraid to be alone
He needs that feeling that he can’t create all on his own
He despises the fact she has a life outside of him
It drives him crazy to think she’s not insanely consumed with him
Give her the guilt-trip and maybe she’ll quit living,
To stay behind his prison walls and lose all individualism
Well this is happiness, masochistic torture
Played by the decadent, craved of affection
The needle digs deep to push contentment through his bloodstream
And drown out hollow, the pothole of a junkie
If he could only hear her sing, he wouldn’t want to break her wings
But emptiness has such a warm, subtle sting
She makes up for what he lacks, trapped,
He can’t imagine life without someone like that

We’ve rediscovered the long-lost art of dying
Only the lonely resent angels for flying
Twisted, living off of each other’s sickness like parasites
This is paradise

We’ve rediscovered the long-lost art of dying
Only the lonely resent angels for flying
Addicted, afraid to take control of my own life
This is paradise

Verse 2:
What a beautiful world, emotionally destroyed
her became plural when girl met boy
Between several breakups and plenty relapses
Routine bred-comfort led to serious attachment
Now every once in a while she forgets to breathe
Terrified of losing him, paradise is misery
Too much faith in the life-saving knight in shining armour
Now her knight’s noticing the scars she can’t hide any longer
But they were her story way before he was
It was gross hope to think he could heal such deep cuts
At first it felt so right but after one too many fights,
He turned out that hallway light and all the wonder turned to spite
So they sleep in the same bed with guns to each others’ heads
Dead to romance, boiling the blood that painted roses red
Suffering from post-honeymoon disease, bleached through
His whole existence, she’ll die if he decides to leave
Addicted to the way she feels when they spend time together
Detouring the now in a childish attempt to find forever
Despite the fact they hold each other heart to heart
You can’t be that close to somebody without being so far apart


Silence, the most obscure sound I’ve ever heard
Those lonely, giant spaces in between your every word
And maybe, I’m totally crazy for holding on but
Just cus I’m insane, don’t mean that I’m wrong
Now that you’re gone I can’t sleep at night
I barely even function right, my memory’s on overdrive
Too hungry and too cold to cry
Miss the companionship I once took for granted
The way you helped me manage, the partnership that vanished
But I don’t expect you to stay chained by the ankle,
There’s so much world to see so, fly free my angel
I’m dying without you, but it’s teaching me to live
Heaven ain’t something someone else can give
It’s all inside of me


There’s so much world to see
What’s stopping me from flying free?
There's so much world to see
What's stopping you from flying free?
(Repeat to Fade)
so i guess the in thing is to be a cum dumpster, i normally refrain from celebrity gossip but Come the fuck on! More spears DNA is being brought into the world, WTF!! the slore that is Britney spear's 16 year old sister is pregnant!?!?!

seriously, WTF?? White America? i mean there were like 4 cheerleaders from my school that got pregnant our senior year or year after graduation, but their parents had the decency to abstain from having their slore daughter push the scarlett crib of shame, and paid for their abortions.

what has the whole border issue got you that scared, trying to beat out the mexicans for pregnant unwed underaged daughters?

seriously with shit movies like Juno, and Knocked-up fucking making light/glamorizing what should be a inexcusible lepper esque mark of shame...what the fuck!

im pretty sure if i ever have kids i'll more than likely be one of the poor unfortuante souls to bare the burden called a daughter or a gay son...God i hope i dont have a daughter.



someday you'll find love...or you won't...
BROKEBACK JOKER 12-16-07 19:51
The new Batman movie...looks fucking awesome...i have a few fanboy beefs with it but still fucking awesome. the guy took the slore to her christmas party...WOW. so yeah he knowingly escorted the office slut to her own holiday party...smh

anyways spent the weekend with my g/f, it was great...still trying to figure out if she's the one, or am i just settling...i dont know, i could tell you all the great things about her, but thats not what this journal is about, it focuses mostly or soley on the here we go:

-lack of ambition/direction in life (ie: about to graduate and doesnt know what the fuck to do with herself so she's getting her masters)
-lack of sexual skills/desire to do more than 4 or 5 positions.
-has body image issues but doesnt do all she can to sculpt the body she desires (i just tell her she's beautiful, even though i think to myself she'd look perfect if she lost 5-10lbs...i swear if she had her sisters body, i'd marry her tomarrow)
-people pleaser
-cant handle her alcohol

on another note, i hate my fucking roommate...only 3 more days, and he's gone!!!
KILL ME...would you...
a thousand pardons for the venom in my blood
your way too beautiful to settle in this mud

you admired me when i was sober, i saw it in your eyes
you think less me now...and no im not surprised

it hurts even though it shouldnt, i barely know you...
no apologies for drunken rant poem that no one needs t...o no the meaning behind but the drunken asshole who wrote it...

obviously...i shouldnt have drove myself home, if i couldnt even recognize her...something to think fuck that her fucking hair was different and she, i know when im too drunk to drive. i was fine tonight...but not as fine as her....
the rain on your parade...
the company Christmas party was too fucking cool! Food was amazing, the set up was sick, too bad i barely know being the new guy especially when youre stuck in the basement and nobody really wants to deal with your department because everyone apparently hates your boss...the boss is nice to me though, but my supervisors say it wont last, eh. Yeah basically when ever i talked to somebody and told them my department, they'd lift their head and say:

" how is that going?"

i say "it's cool."

they'd say, "really?"


i left early to catch a show, besides the fact i didnt know anybody...
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