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do blind people care about STD's? i mean really, must std's are pretty much just visually unpleasant....i mean from what i hear the discharges, and burning when peeing is temporary...so why would a blind person care about genital watrs or any other shit or herpes, or whatever...

People who wear the following are stereotyped as douche bags by me:
Ambercombie and bitch
Affliction, hey douche bag wearing this shit does not make you ufc champion and, you are not chuck norris and you cannot simultatneously beat feveyone s ass in the bar,
Ed hardy...rinstones...FUCKING RHINESTONES!!!11 you jackass!
fadora haats...well ive met some cool people wearing those but they are ugly ass pieces of shite!
Skin...bros and bros can all die...

guys with those small ass rats they call dogs...im fuck athe bitdches that walk aboround with those aboomintiaons but you are a man, what teh fuck...i dont care if its your g/f dog...i couldnt date a bitch that had one of thsoe fucking things.

that is alll...for now. enjoy youe sockas.

Avatar volcanovixen21 *
12-23-07 02:20
Dvorak Attack
I know what you mean.
You forgot to add "ppl who wear giant sunglasses" and "slores who wear Ugg boots and miniskirts when its fucking snowing".
Avatar mdotedot
12-23-07 19:46
elowel user
"slores who wear Ugg boots and miniskirts when its fucking snowing".

i have no problem with this...but yeah giant sunglasses piss me off.
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