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a time for ex g/f's, slores, and female friends who wanted to be more than friends get in touch with M.E. or (vice versa) via e-mail, text, phone, etc...gotta love the ones that try to start an actual conversation with me and regale me with their tedious mediocre lives and see how my life is going...it's not the best but yes, alas, it is better than yours.

and seriously if you want to tell me your lifestory of the past year, send a christmas card, put it in the e-mail, or hey, call me when that shit actually happens, but NO i am not going to catch up on months or even a year of not talking to you on Christmas day!

i was a broke asshole before the money, and ill be rich asshole, well i'll be a rich asshole to females. So you can say the money changed me!

Anyways Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

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